Welcome to Donna’s Family Restaurant

Visit Donna’s Family Restaurant for a delicious homestyle meal! We have been in business since 1998, offering a comfortable, casual dining experience where family and friends can get together and create memories over a meal made from scratch. Everything is created by hand; you won’t find any frozen food or ingredients here! Enjoy delicious cooking and meals just like grandma makes them.

Homestyle Cooking At Its Best!

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but our specialties are our soups and pies. We can never make enough! Soups include our regular chili and vegetable options, as well as our daily soups which include potato, ham and bean, and chicken rice. As for dessert, get your sweet fix with our chocolate cake with peanut butter icing or our coconut cream pie! Our menu includes a little of everything, such as breakfast all day, sandwiches, full-course dinners, and more.

Stop on by Donna’s Family Restaurant today! You will be happy you did.

Inside Donna's Restaurant, Huntington, PA